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Digital Cameras

Imaging at the Finest Details Leica Biosystems offers you a complete range of diagnostic microscope cameras covering all imaging applications with associated suite of SW.

Entry level digital cameras

Digital cameras, perfect for easy image capture and image share with colleagues.

Routine digital cameras

RGB cameras, high speed and high quality cameras for excellent imaging and documentation.

Advanced digital cameras

RGB cooled cameras or dedicated fluorescence cameras for highest quality image analysis and professional documentation.

Entry Level digital cameras

Select the ICC50 W/E integrated digital camera offers a fast live high resolution image and is ideal for easy capture and archive.

Select the Leica EC4 high speed digital color camera for basic imaging.

Select the MC170 HD digital camera for easy documentation and basic imaging with measurement capability.

ICC50 W/E integrated digital camera


Color, integrated 5.0 Mpixel CMOS digital camera with USB2, HDMI, and Ethernet interfaces, ICC50 W with wireless connection to mobile devices in addition. Compatible with LAS EZ and LAS.

Leica EC4 Microscope Camera

Leica EC4

Color 3.3 MPixel CMOS digital camera. USB 2 interface, compatible with LAS EZ.

MC170 HD digital microscope camera

MC170 HD

Color 5 MPixel CMOS digital camera. USB2 with HDMI connection; on board card; compatible with LAS; 2 years warranty.

Routine digital cameras for imaging and documentation

Select the IC90 HD integrated digital camera for stereo microscopes with full HD Live Video Output.

Select the MC190 HD digital camera for excellent and ultra-high live imaging. It produces full-color still images and Full-HD movie clips for all microscopic applications.

IC90 E Color Camera for Microscopes


Color camera for stereo microscopes, integrated 10 Mpixel CMOS camera, remote control ethernet and USB2 connection available.

MC190 HD digital camera

MC190 HD

Color 5 MPixel CMOS digital camera. USB2 with HDMI connection; compatible with LAS/LAS-EZ.

Select the DMC2900 for easy and efficient routine documentation.

Select the DMC4500 for fast and efficient routine documentation

DMC2900 digital microscope camera


Color 3.1MPixel CMOS digital camera. USB3.0; compatible with LAS and LAS X.

DMC4500 digital microscope camera


Color, 5 Mpixel CCD digital camera. USB3 connection with high dynamic range. Compatible with LAS and LAS X.

Advanced digital cameras for high performance documentation and image analysis

Select the DFC450 C digital camera with active cooling system offers excellent picture quality for precise image analysis, documentation, and reporting.

Select the DFC550 digital camera for best in class color reproduction. It captures highest-quality images for professional documentation and image analysis.

DFC450 C digital microscope camera

DFC450 C

Color, 5MPixel CCD digital camera. Firewire-B interface, TWAIN interface; compatible with LAS/LAS X.

DFC550 digital microscope camera


Color, up to 12.5MPixel CCD digital camera. Firewire-B interface, TWAIN interface; Pixelshift-multishot technology for highest image and color quality; compatible with LAS/LAS X.

Select the DFC3000 G for easy and efficient routine fluorescence applications.

Select the DFC365 FX for ultra-fast live cell imaging and superb fluorescence documentation.

DFC3000 G digital microscope camera

DFC3000 G

Monochrome, cooled, 1.3MPixel CCD digital camera. USB 3.0 interface; compatible with LAS/LAS-AF.

DFC365 FX digital microscope camera


Monochrome, cooled, 1.4MPixel CCD digital camera. Fireware-1394b interface; TWAIN interface; compatible with LAS/LAS-AF/MM-AF.

DFC7000 T digital microscope camera

DFC7000 T

Peltier cooled fluorescence color camera with USB 3.0 interface featuring state of the art CCD sensor, exceptionally high speed of image acquisition combined with high sensitivity even in the near infrared region and enhanced black balance. Compatible with LAS and LAS X.