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Documentation and Software

Software solutions to assist high performance documentation, measurements and image analysis for your clinical experiments. Capture and record the details you need to see.

Entry Level Documentation and Software

Select the Leica DMshare for efficient and easy image sharing and documentation or the LAS EZ Software, which provides an ideal easy-to-use, consistent platform for basic tasks in clinical microscopy.

High performance image analysis software solution

Select the LAS for easy and efficient visualization, documentation and image analysis for both bright field or routine fluorescence or LAS X Software for high performance fluorescence imaging analysis.

Leica DMshare

Wireless live image transfer from selected Leica cameras to iPad and several other mobile devices; excellent for discussion and teaching.

LAS EZ Software

LAS EZ features easy control and capture of images, annotations, measurements and documentation.

LAS Software

The Leica Application Suite (LAS) microscope software offers fully developed features for visualization, archiving, analysis and detailed documentation for routine tasks.

LAS X Software

Leica Biosystems Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence (LAS X) is the easy to use software platform for advanced fluorescence imaging.