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Stereo Microscopes

Superior optics, ergonomics, automation and image quality make Leica Biosystems your imaging solution provider of choice

Whether you need a reliable entry-level solution for screening samples or a high zoom range solution for detailed manipulation and documentation, Leica’s modular stereo microscope portfolio of ergonomically-designed solutions fits perfectly into your laboratory.

Routine Stereo Microscope

Select the S6, M50, M60 or M80 stereo microscopes for high quality optics, ergonomics and modularity.

Advanced Stereo Microscopes

For applications requiring high resolution imaging combined with wide sample overview in 3D, choose the M125 and M165 C stereo microscopes.


Modular stereo microscope with wide 8:1 zoom for wide sample overview combined with detailed imaging.


Compact modular stereo microscope with 6.3:1 zoom and  customizable lighting options for tailor made imaging solutions.

M165 C

The comprehensive solution of modular fully apochromatic corrected stereo microscope with high 16.5:1 ZOOM range; Continuous electronic readout of the magnification for reliable documentation.


12.5:1 zoom range fully apochromatic corrected stereo microscope with available motorized focus and LED illumination options for superior sample viewing.


Ergonomic stereo microscope with 5:1 zoom featuring five defined, step magnification levels for reproducible viewing.


Compact stereo microscope with Greenough optical system with 6.3:1 Zoom and 60° Viewing Angle; Large working distance.

EZ4 W/E Stereo Microscopes

Leica EZ4 W/E

Easy to operate stereo microscope with 8x up to 35x zoom range. The integrated 5.0 Mpixel HD camera allows to capture and share images via Ethernet (ICC50 E) and with wireless functionality in addition (ICC50 W).

Leica DMS1000 digital microscope system

Leica DMS1000

Ocularless design, 8:1 zoom ratio, coded zoom, and integrated 5.0 Mpixel camera to acquire images and movies even without computer.